Albert Speer & Leon Krier (again)

Albert Speer & Leon Krier (again)

The architecture of Albert Speer was recently qualified as ‘rather elegant’ by Mr. Leon Krier in a lecture at Yale University. (picture: Welthauptstadt Germania)


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Architect and Activist. Over the years I have become increasingly aware that I need to actively engage with the issues I care about. My passions and irritations are many and change often, but a red thread is always a deep concern over the fact that capitalism does not work as it is claimed it does, democracies only serve the needs of the few and environmental resource depletion and pressures continue to mount. I think it is time for citizen's activism to create pressure, to bang on the doors of established powers and interests until we get it right. As you will notice, if you continue to follow my blog over time, there are certain fetishes I have; modernism, social housing, the avant-garde. I propose to recuperate the Modern Project from the dustbin of history and re-establish the link between social engagement and architecture. Watch it all come down needs to be followed by let the good stuff blossom!

One response to “Albert Speer & Leon Krier (again)”

  1. Saint John says :

    So? He is right. German architecture was much nicer than anything produced after the war. It is a shame no one knows how to modernize in a way that is pleasant on the eye.

    Why is it the socialists so often have tastes directly at variance with the masses? At least Stalin attempted to produce things that they liked to look at.

    You will not engage the masses so long as you offend them with your tastes. I think it is unfortunate then that socialists take more pride in maintaining the latter than appealing to the former.

    Socialism is status signalling. Every former socialist has come to realize this. That is why they hold such contradictory tastes and beliefs. They collect the opinions which grant status in the universities and media publications.

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