Book Review: A New Kind of Bleak by Owen Hatherley

Cover "A New Kind of Bleak" - Owen Hatherley

Cover “A New Kind of Bleak” – Owen Hatherley

Owen Hatherley is on his way to become a force in architectural criticism in the United Kingdom. I prefer his shorter pieces on his blog and in magazines to his books, as he has the tendency to become repetitive in the books. I found that when he assesses European modernism this is done through a particularly British lens, perhaps in the same way as I look at British modernism with incredulity at times. This review was intended to encourage Hatherley to ground his thesis better, to do deeper and more original research and, perhaps most of all, that the narrative and argument will follow an arc throughout his future books.

I say this from a position of modesty, however, as I have yet to write my first book myself.

On a funny note, there is a soundtrack to accompany the reading of the book, by the collective GOLAU GLAU ->

On a final note, to underscore that Hatherley does address the right issues, read this article in the Guardian.


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