Architecture Rescue Team

arbo03This is an older project I did some years ago with the artist Michael Andeloe (the beautiful drawing is his). It was for a design competition to design the office for the future, with the intention to make the designers think about improving the working environment in offices and decrease absenteeism. The first question we asked to ourselves was….well, how far in the future are we talking about? Then from there we were able to work with the sci-fi and pop-art references we love so much. The idea behind the Architecture Rescue Team is that you fly your office to wherever there is bad architecture and you get to change it on the spot.

The requirements for the model were such that we had to work within a very small cube, and that is why we decided to cut a whole cityscape out of card in false perspective. The model looks much larger in the picture then it really was. We also decided to not touch up the analog photographs, so you can see the strings from which the orb is hanging. This gives the whole thing a funny Sputnik like effect.

I’d love to do another analogue project like this, but somehow never seem to get round to it.

m_arbo02 m_arbo01



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About thomaswensing

Architect and Activist. Over the years I have become increasingly aware that I need to actively engage with the issues I care about. My passions and irritations are many and change often, but a red thread is always a deep concern over the fact that capitalism does not work as it is claimed it does, democracies only serve the needs of the few and environmental resource depletion and pressures continue to mount. I think it is time for citizen's activism to create pressure, to bang on the doors of established powers and interests until we get it right. As you will notice, if you continue to follow my blog over time, there are certain fetishes I have; modernism, social housing, the avant-garde. I propose to recuperate the Modern Project from the dustbin of history and re-establish the link between social engagement and architecture. Watch it all come down needs to be followed by let the good stuff blossom!

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