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Interview with McKenzie Wark

3d_visual_the_spectacle_of_disintegration-w-320x361Interview with McKenzie Wark

The Spectacle of Disintegration is Ken McKenzie Wark’s latest book, the follow-up to the Beach Beneath the Street. In this interview for Blueprint I ask him how he got so interested in the French Situationists and how the creative production of the group can be meaningful for us today. McKenzie Wark asserts that it is important to direct our material production towards hope in order to overcome our culture of waste.


Interview with Hal Foster

hal fosterThis interview with Hal Foster and the review of his book ‘The Art-Architecture Complex’ explores the theme of architecture as an increasing visual spectacle and the links and commonalities between the art world and architecture. Even though I do not think a convincing way out is offered by Foster to the irrelevance of the architectural profession and the so-called avant-garde, it is an interesting and engaging discussion nevertheless.

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